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Moody Hall's Sweet Pickles

Although I never met Moody Hall, his name was common in the Hood’s home. Lou’s mom Gloria worked with Moody Hall at the ASCS office for many years. She adored him and spoke of him on a regular basis. He was famous for his pimento cheese and gifted it to others often. I always checked the Hood’s refrigerator to see if they had any. Sure enough, it seemed like they always had a jar. We later learned the key ingredient to his pimento recipe, which are these sweet pickles. You will not be able to recreate his flavor without it. I usually have a jar in my fridge at all times.

Moody Hall's Sweet Pickles

(Critical ingredient for his pimento cheese)


Any size jar of hamburger dill pickles



Drain off all the juice from the jar of dill pickles. Add as much sugar as will fit into the jar of pickles. Refrigerate. The next day, add as much sugar as will fit into the jar. Return to the refrigerator. The pickles will continue to sweeten for days, but they are ready to make Moody Hall's Pimento Cheese on the 3rd day. These will keep in the refrigerator for weeks.

FNPP Moody Hall's Sweet Pickles
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