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The Friday Night Porch Party actually started in Belzoni, Mississippi 25 years ago-- But it was on Thursday nights.  Every Southerner knows the weekend really starts Thursday after work!  When we moved to Madison in 2004, we moved the party to Friday’s since Jay doesn’t go into the office on Fridays.  


There has always been a small group of close friends that come to the porch every time they are in town, but Jay is also good about inviting new friends.  Honestly, he feels as though God puts people on his heart during the week that might need a night on the porch.  There may be 12 or 44, but we never run out of food!


The Friday Night Porch Party is not about small talk.  It’s filled with real life stories shared among friends and always tons of laughter.  On hot summer nights, we may have to turn on the big shop fan.  And on the cold nights, we might gather around the fire pit.  One thing is for sure, everyone leaves the porch with a warm heart and full belly.

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