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Christmas Nut Trash

Don’t you hate a store-bought snack mix that has a lot of things in it you don’t like? For example, I am really not a fan of pretzels unless they are seasoned well. The store-bought Chex Mix is half pretzels! Many years ago, I started making my own and only use the things I like. I’ve been making my Christmas Nut Trash for 20 years. My family and friends love it. The flavors combine very nicely. I discovered an online nut company called that make it very easy to get the ingredients you need. Give it a try.

Christmas Nut Trash


1 pound whole cashews

1 pound smoked almonds

1 pound shelled pistachios (I prefer Chipotle flavored)

1 pound wasabi chick peas

1 pound sesame sticks

1 pound rye bagel chips


Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl or trash bag and mix well. Roll the mixture around for a couple of minutes so the smoke flavor from the almonds and the chipotle flavor from the pistachios influence the other ingredients. Store in air tight containers.

FNPP Christmas Nut Trash
Download DOCX • 58KB

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