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Laura's Authentic Mexican Beans

Laura is the wife of Kai and mother to Little Kai and Sophia. We love her, and we love her Mexican Beans. As you have probably already figured out, Laura is from Mexico, and she says that back home these beans are usually only served at special occasions like a holiday and weddings. The recipe is not written down anywhere, but I’ve done my best to duplicate hers so I could share it. According to my girls, I got pretty close. I did change a couple of things from Laura’s version. First, Laura adds back a good bit of the cooking juices making the beans pretty thin. I like mine a little thicker like we are used to having in our local Mexican restaurants. I also added a block of cream cheese which makes it so creamy. These are great served as a side dish or as bean dip at your Friday Night Porch Party.

Laura's Authentic Mexican Beans


1 pound dry pinto beans

2 onions, peeled and quartered

7 ounce can pickled jalapenos

7 ounce can Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

7 ounce can Salsa Casera

8 ounce package cream cheese

8 ounce package Mexican blend shredded cheese

5 slices bacon


The night before serving add the beans and onions to a crock pot and generously cover with water. Add salt and pepper. Cook on low 8 hours until beans are tender. Drain beans reserving the cooking liquid. In the food processor, chop the bacon. Transfer bacon to a Dutch oven and fry until crispy. Turn off the fire, but leave the bacon and just a little bacon fat in the pot. Next, combine the beans with everything but the cheeses in the food processor and run until beans are smooth. Depending on the size of your food processor, you may need to process in batches. Also, you may need to add back some cooking liquid if beans are too thick. Transfer the bean mixture to the Dutch oven with the bacon. Add in the cheeses stirring to combine. Turn the heat to low so the cheeses will melt. Depending on your preference, add back some of the cooking liquid to achieve the consistency you desire.

FNPP Laura's Authentic Mexican Beans
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Laura and Candice make it most every Friday Night Porch Party. Notice Laura rocking her new FNPP tee.

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