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Bill Faulkner's Grilled Ham

Bill Faulkner was our dear friend and neighbor in Belzoni. At the first word of a death or sickness in town, his wife, An, sent word to Bill to fire up the grill and start the ham. Grilled ham was their standard dish to take to anyone in need. He was famous for it. This is recipe number one in my Life of a Morgan Ham series. Over the next week or so, I plan to share several dishes I make using a ham. We usually begin by cooking our ham for Sunday lunch and serve alongside a couple of dishes such as Sharon’s Hash Brown Casserole and Marinated Green Beans. After lunch, remove as much ham as you can from the bone and store in the refrigerator for other uses during the week. Put the ham bone in another zip lock and store in the freezer for later.

Bill Faulkner's Grilled Ham


1 half ham of your choice

1 can of Coke

1/4 cup Liquid Smoke


Heat your grill to 350 degrees. In a small bowl, combine the Coke and Liquid Smoke. Place the ham on the grill using direct heat. Baste the ham with the Coke mixture about every 15 minutes cooking the ham on all sides. Cook for about an hour.

FNPP Bill Faulkner's Grilled Ham
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Lou and Ashley have been friends since the mid 2000s when they began teaching together Madison Station Elementary. Ashley and her family frequent Friday Night Porch Party.

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